Jazz Builders was one of the first builders in the Bay Area to offer sustainable features in their homes.  We encourage the use of "green" products and construction methods to leave a lighter footprint on our planet. We are experienced in implementing the Marin County Green Building guidelines and continually look for new construction methods to make our homes more sustainable.

Increase building insulation to reduce energy consumption

Indoor air exchange systems

Rain water collections systems

Re-use and recycle surplus building products

Design for passive solar if site allows

Use low VOC paint finishes and floor coverings

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Certified Lumber-use lumber from managed forests

Flyash Concrete-reduces water consumption and energy to make Portland Cement and re-uses an industrial waste to  keep it out of landfills

Use engineered lumber products including joists, beams, studs and plywood

Air cleaners and humidifiers

Use formaldehyde free products wherever possible

Install tankless water heaters to reduce energy consumption