single family home

Remodeled single family home, Fairfax, CA

Jazz Builders re-imagined this 3800 square foot home in an existing subdivision. Jazz's responsibilities were to design, permit and craft a "country" and relaxed home on the interior while maintaining the subdivision requirements of a craftsman style home on the exterior.

The existing home was built as part of the subdivision and the original design ignored the incredible natural light and views from the south, east and west sides of the building by installing small aperature windows throughout the home. The existing floor plan ignored the necessity of an integrated kitchen and family room area by bifurcating the spaces with an illogically placed laundry room creating a small and unuseable family room disconnected from the kitchen.

Jazz redesigned the floor plan and every interior and exterior elevation to reflect an integrated floor plan than opens the interior spaces to the exterior and resizes the rooms to reflect openess and their end use..

Large steel I beams were inserted into the structure to allow the combining of rooms to create larger spaces that take ultimate advantage of the wonderful views. Every room has a view of nature through expansive glass.

The interior has wood board walls, reclaimed fir flooring, multitudes of custom bookcases and cabinetry where every element of the home was carefully detailed prior to execution.

The home features zero VOC paints and finishes, zero formaldehyde outgassing products, whole house air circulation, high efficiency furnace, motion activated hot water circulation system and integral computer controlled lighting system.

Photos by Mitch Shenker Studios